• The paperwork necessary to take vehicles out of circulation must be arranged directly at authorised Vehicle Treatment Centres.

     The ministerial order regulating the procedure for definitively taking vehicles out of circulation (ORDEN INT/249/2004) at the end of their useful life was published in the BOE (see BOE number 37). From now on, in order to take a vehicle out of circulation, it will be necessary to go to any of the vehicle treatment centres (CATs) authorised by the corresponding Environmental Bodies of the Autonomous Regions. Along with the vehicle, all the documentation necessary to take the car out of circulation must be presented. This includes the application request form (which will be available at the CATS), the driving licence, the technical inspection card, and a collated photocopy of the latest power drive tax paid receipt (provided that the car is less than 15 years old).In addition, the corresponding administrative fees must be paid.

     Once the documentation has been handed in, and after having checked that the vehicle can in fact be taken out of circulation, the Authorised Centre will immediately deliver a Certificate of Destruction to the owner, which will account for the definite cancellation in the Register of the General Direction of Traffic (Dirección General de Tráfico), ensuring that the vehicle will be managed in an environmentally friendly way.

     This measure, so long awaited by the affected sectors, closes a long process during which there has been a coexistence between installations that fulfilled the necessary requirements to ensure the correct treatment of vehicles and the so-called “car cemeteries”. From now on, only those centres that have adapted their installations to the new requirements will be allowed to get cars.

     The manufacturers and importers of vehicles have arranged a well-planned network of Authorised Treatment Centres (CATs) that is wide enough to guarantee that the owner can give the car up for free from the start, so that possible cases of abandonment are reduced.