The direction of the company, worried by the environmental impact that this type of business provokes,  adopted the firm decision to reduce to the minimum its effects, for which is contributing with all the personal and economic effort in order that this way it is and at the same time, arousing its workers as for protection of the environment.

It is necessary to stand out till now, things like important realized works, the installation of two filter systems in which there are gathered all the waters of the facilities, the adequacy of a great part of the surface of the facilities for the tasks of decontamination and work, always following A.E.D.R.A's recommendations, of that it is associated and the construction in cement of sheds covered in its entirety with fiber, where the containers lodge containers, special and specific all of them, for every type of residue.

Now there are detailed the steps that follow from the arrival of a vehicle to our facilities:

The first thing that is done is to extract the liquids and to store them to the wait of being gathered by a company authorized for its treatment.

Later it is led to the zone of break-down where, after withdrawing the battery from it and the wheels one proceeds to evaluate the condition of the remaining pieces, dismantling all those who are in perfect state; pieces like: beacons, rear-view mirrors, doors, engine, etc.

The elements not metal-workers are separated for its reutilization on the part of specializing companies. 

When already all the reusable elements have been withdrawn, the metallic remains of the vehicle are pressed in order that the iron retrains. 


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